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Community Post: Bug Memorial Street Art

Today we remember a great insect. Gordo the fly passed away peacefully this morning on the corner of Shea Blvrd. And 92nd St. Gordo lived a peaceful life, he was most proud of his great³² grandfathers role in the Amityville horror movie. Gordo is survived by his wife Helena and 135 children. Due to becoming wedged in the sole of a man’s trainer the memorial service has been moved 5 blocks south to said mans doormat.

Bug Memorials by Carmichael Collective Thanks to our clumsy human foot steps, millions of bugs, roaches, ants and mosquitos die a painful death on the sidewalk. Our cities are full of mass graves resulting from tragic insect massacres in public space. With their Bug Memorials project, the Minneapolis-based Carmichael Collective wants to raise awareness for this terrible side effect of mankind by installing little memorials at places where an insect has died.