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Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill? Commission work for The New york times.

When psychiatrists give diagnoses about the mental health of politicians, it’s not just unethical — it’s intellectually suspect.

What Colin is speaking is the truth and exposing the flaws & issues in society

Abnormal Entertainment - Podcasts, Movies, Comics and more!: Raise Your Spirits: Episode 216 - I Sit/Stand with Kaepernick

☺️ #obama Just imagine where we would be standing if our government had worked with him, instead of against him.

Reagan created jobs in a record 70 month stretch of uninterrupted job growth,reduced the annual deficit he inherited by a trillion dollars in six years,and nearly tripled the stock market,just kidding that was obama,meme

Seriously. Wtf is wrong with you people! I wonder if people know that he gives no fucks for anyone but himself. He is saying anything white America wants to hear. And people are loving it. Little do they know, they aren't safe either.

OK America, Stop It

lolz online - Its all fun and games till a crazy billionaire becomes a liable candidate for presidency

Why did I literally laugh out loud when I read this?? Omg lol 😂

Why did I literally laugh out loud when I read this?? Omg lol 😂

This gets me everytime!! Can't stop laughing...

Meth drugs make YOU look horrible! Get well soon! Just becus I havent fucked u up yet, doesnt mean I wont!

Wake up!

Dick Gregory calls Spike Lee a ‘thug’ and ‘punk’ for criticizing ‘Django’

25 Funny Pictures Of The Day

Steve DelVecchio ‏ Whether you believe Peyton Manning took HGH or not, I really don’t get the forehead growth thing .

Such a moronic piece of shit... along with almost ALL politicians.

The battles of my novel "Daffodil Sunrise" continue. If anything, the stakes are only higher.

Everyone does this when giving advice: & 25 other funny photos

27 Pictures That Are True For Absolutely No Reason

Gun Control: New England man refused medical treatment because he declined to answer gun ownership question

American taxpayers are being robbed blind as Obama and all of Congress launder your money to Muslims around the world. Source: Muslim gays, hookers, addicts targeted by Obama The Obama adm.