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6 Items to Simplify Your Life

Hand Paper Shredder Shredding personal documents is an important safeguard, but the typical devices take up a lot of space. This hand–powered, easy-to-use model manually twists to quickly destroy sensitive documents.

Stellar Paper Shredders

Shred old documents you no longer need with the Black & Decker Studio Shredder ($48). This stylish, lightweight device is ideal for small spaces and rolls easily to where you need it.

We all should shred private docs every once in awhile. No need to spend a mint on a big shredder when you get a compact cutie like this mini mint shredder!

Organizing New Uses for Old Things

If you're not using your pasta maker these days, turn it into a paper shredder. And if you have chickens, shred your paper/junk mail and use it as bedding in the chicken coop.

Node Electric Outlet eliminates the need for a power strip. Just plug it in anywhere on the square!

Hand-Cranked Paper Shredder / A+R Store. Now there is no reason not to shred those sensitive documents. No power needed except your power. Would this work for you?