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Here you´ll find a step by step discription how to bring your baby belly cast onto a frame >>>

Craft a festive banner for Halloween using pre-cut half pumpkins. For special effects, spray the pumpkins first with Glowz® Glow in the Dark spray paint. Then, glue half pumpkins along ribbon and add rhinestone letters to spell out "BOO". Add a bow to the top of your banner and hang!

Top 10 Things to do With Paint Chip Samples

If you have painted your walls recently you have got a stash of paint chips in your junk drawer, just waiting for the perfect project. You won’t believe how beautiful and imaginative things you can make with them. Since they come in such pretty colors, it is a shame to throw them away. But if you don`t have paint chip samples don’t be disappointed you can find them for free in any home improvement store. Here we are giving you top 10 creative ideas of what you can do with your paint chip…

INSTRUMENTS FOR JOY - RESEARCH DDO:) MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - - Oriental guitar or lyre type instrument: Sursanga lute, 19th C, made from Indian wood, pearl & ivory. Sursanga is one of many Indian lute instruments popular in 19th century. India art features lutes in Ragamala paintings. Richly decorated musical instruments such as this sursanga were often given as gifts & used for display or wall decorations rather than playing…

Let's Debate: Assessment Anchors in the Art Room - Thoughts on showing students samples for assessment purposes.

Yes, I know it is no the stairs that are painted but the wall, however this street art uses them for the total view...

100% Custom Made to Order Red Burlap Santa Suit Ornament Door/Wall/Mirror Hanger. $40.00, via Etsy.

Hand drawn/Hand painted, wooden baseball cross with bible quote. For sale on my Facebook site, "Living Through Art". All ordres welcome