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Steampunk Keyboard - Steampunk Crafts Wiki uses inspiration from cyberpunk to explain what is steampunk as well as share steampunk crafts in.

Eye-Pod Victrola

Eye-Pod Victrola

Steampunk clock.

Mechanical Clock 6 — Steampunk by Eric Freitas Steampunk The first museum exhibition of Steampunk art. An international show curated by American artist and designer Art Donovan. At the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, England.

- Steampunk Speakers by  Dmitriy Tihonenko

steampunktendencies: “Steampunk Speakers by Dmitriy Tihonenko [ Via Varka Podarka ] ”

Steampunk Batman.

Grab your favorite beverage and settle in for a while, because we've got 50 steampunk reinventions of your favorite scifi/fantasy characters from pop cultu

Dieselpunk PC (Aetherometers, judging pressure, gravity, vibrations and pull.)

Dieselpunk PC (Aetherometers, judging pressure, gravity, vibrations and pull.

YA Steampunk contraption? No, a Edison Bi-Polar Electric Fan ca. 1892-1894

*FAN ~ Early Edison bipolar 6 wing Circa 1892 - what a stunning antique electric fan!

Steam punk i-dock

If you are looking for something a little different to charge and sync your iPhone with, then you may want to check out this fun retro steampunk radio iPhone dock, which was inspired by old vintage tube radios.

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