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Yes yes yes and more YES

Yes yes yes and more YES

Mom: Clean your room. We're having guests over for dinner Me: I didn't realize dinner was being held in my room.

Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.

A True Gentleman, Hunter,Nature and more.

A True Gentleman, Hunter,Nature and more.

Red Neck tip

Redneck tips: Never do a country girl wrong. Even if she doesn't have a gun, her daddy will. So true!

Hell yeah!!!

You say Lady Gaga I say Lady antebellum you say jason derulo i say jason aldean you say t-pain i say t-swift you say kesha i say keith you say pitbull i say paisley you say justin bieber i say justin moore COUNTRY MUSIC FOREVER

I can never find it spelled right....I have to settle for Kris on the rare occasion that exists....

My name is Fawn. And i can never find a key chain with my name on it. Thanks parents! Not sayin i hate my name! But i just wanna key chain

yeah... And I feel like I am SUPA DUPA smart and I feel so confident, my dreams get crushed<<< pretty much.

Yeah, like every time I took a multiple choice test in high school. my math gene is defective :( lol