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I've been working on this Sherlock video for quite some time. I had some fun with it, as you can tell. I just basically edited the video to the beat of the s.

Baby jawnnn :D

I don't know what's with my Sherlock fan art kick.oh well! // Not sooo keen on the chibi style, but.

"So he wouldn't miss his hedgehog" Okay im dead

"Zachary Quinto and Martin Freeman go shopping together and buy matching outfits just to mess with Benedict's mind." <----- really funny comment.

(the picture doesn't have anything to do with the pin) CLICK THIS. THE SHERLOCK THEME GETS YELLED AT YOU. JUST CLICK IT. I JUST DIED.  <---- crying, it is so hilarious<-- I choked on my tea, spit it out all over my poor cat who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, then laughed so hard I started crying. And snorting. I think my cat is now traumatized by the whole experience. <----- PLEASE click this. PLEASE.

The Sherlock theme as interpreted by people yelling - IT'S HILARIOUS! I'm crying! (I actually do want this as a ringtone hahaha!

[Sherlock] You look sad when you think he can’t see you | Carrot diary

How the British deal with their enemies: Sherlock and Moriarty discuss things over tea.

Roses are red...

Sherlock fans are going to get crazier and crazier until the next series is released. <<<<< Rose are red Violets aren't blue They're purple Idiots

BBC Sherlock: Dumb Way To Die (Song) | This is the single most hilarious thing I have ever seen in my entire life, I swear. Amazing. (Good singing, too!)

BBC Sherlock: Dumb ways to die <--- It was funny. Then there was the "teach yourself how to fly" line. then is was funny again. then it was funny again.

Reichenbach Falls - The Final Problem

Ilustration by Sidney Paget to the Sherlock Holmes story "The Final Problem". Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls. This appeared in The Strand Magazine in December, Original caption was THE DEATH OF SHERLOCK HOLMES.

quote ur otp ✨ (@quoteurotp) | Twitter

Grocery list from (Black ink=Sherlock, Red ink=John) (I believe this was original from the band one direction between Louis and Liam)

If the Sherlock fandom had to be personified as another character, they would be the March Hare.

"The accuracy of this post is rather frightening." This is soooo the Sherlock fandom.<----- do you mean every fandom ever

We need it!!

The entire Sherlock fandom right now <--so much truth. We wait two years, then get three episodes in 13 days. Too much for our fandom to take.