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Michael Jackson by Andy Warhol, 1984

Micheal Jackson, 1984 by Andy Warhol

Reimagined Andy Warhol Polaroid of Truman Capote by Edoardo de Falchi

Reimagined Andy Warhol Polaroid of Truman Capote by Italian artist Edoardo de Falchi

Art projects for kids inspired by famous artists

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Warhol Portrait. My students could do a series like this with black marker and tissue paper for the color blocks.

Andy Warhol - Mick Jagger, 1975 (Publisher's Prospectus for the 1975 Andy Warhol portfolio of ten color silkscreens of Jagger)

Self-portraits inspired by Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe -photocopies, watercolours

Self-portraits inspired by Andy Warhol Note: I want one of these SO BAD!

How to Paint Pop Art Portrait, could be fun color theory project, monochromatic, complementary or analogous colors.

How to Paint Pop Art Portraits

Student Artwork: Year 9 Pop Art Self Portraits

Year 9 students have been exploring the work of the Pop Artists to inspire their self-portraits. Students used a photograph of themselves to.

Andy Warhol - Facing Left by Jamie Wyeth (1976)

Andy Warhol - Facing Left Artist: Jamie Wyeth Completion Date: 1976 Style: Contemporary Realism Genre: portrait

On Wednesday my task was to choose an image from a book that inspired me from the arts library. Once I had chosen my image I had to take a photo that drew inspiration from the original image I had …

Getting Inspired

Illustration by Claire Softly. What inspires me about this illustration is the physicality of it and how it looks like it uses artistic materials. Illustrations don't have to be neat and tidy all the time. In fact, the grittyness and oddness of these cats makes them even more intriguing.

Artfully Multiplied Collages - These Delicate Claire Softley Portraits Feature Festive Subjects (GALLERY)