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Wolf in sheep's clothing:

Wolf in sheep's clothing

Do not keep allowing the same person to keep hurting you over and over and over. You know who they are and they're  not going to change. Move forward without them.

Maya Angelou - Believe them the first time, when they show you who they are. you showed me who you were before, I just refused to believe it. I'm too nice. Took a long while because of my heart but I'm better off without you.

.Jesus , Holy Spirit , its better  you don't know me -   Therefore you all have the opportunity to do GOOD to the planet earth.

Life is only as difficult as we make it. Choose your own happiness. If you don't like something do. Quit complaining about petty things. Get rid of the poison in your life. Live for yourself and your happiness.

Says for teen girls but think it works for both boys & girls at any age.  Thinking this would be good to teach now while they are so young & just continue to review every so often throughout the year(s)

Please share with a young lady in your life! quotes for teen Christian girls and bible verses - small group high school ideas - for christian teens teen quote quotes christian books for teens

Wolf in sheep clothing.

But those with an evil heart seem to have a talent for destroying anything beautiful which is about to bloom.