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#14 It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing. – Mother Teresa

45 Nursing Quotes to Inspire You to Greatness

This is what Im getting into...Lol but Im not complaining...school first this time!!!

Elizabeth Jaeger on

well i'm engaged with a kid but still trying to pass nursing school and not get fat lol guess people think you can't do it all? WATCH ME ;

Thank you Lord for great nurses!

One a tough shift sometimes you have to pray: A simple nurse’s prayer via Forrest Forrest Perrigo Magazine

I know that "the nurses most important role is a teacher" or whatever but sometimes I just wanna beat the shit out of people for incessantly asking me dumb ass questions

Dear Over Involved Family Member, Just because you read it on Wikipedia doesn't mean it's true!

My report sheet is my brain!

Why we call them "brains". I walk around saying "had anyone seen my brains? I lost my brains!" Hmm, on second thought maybe we should come up with a better name!



Making a difference in the life of a child:)

Making a difference in the life of a child:)