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Happy Hour Humor 51 | Hampton Roads Happy Hour
This is an online game which can guess a real or fictional character you're thinking of just by asking you 20 simple questions. I just tried this!! It's creepy how often the genie's guesses are correct...even when challenged  with super obscure characters. Try this "You Just Realized" site at http://en.akinator.com/
hee hee
U genius... lmao!
funny text message can't stick out tongue and look at ceiling
Funny Quotes That Are True | Health Inspirations, Inspirational Quotes, Pictures, Motivational ...
You are now aware... -
Pick a number from 1-100. Okay thanks
Bitch say what???
I could read this. You would think it's hard but it is not hard at all. I'm pretty impressed with myself. I thought that I wouldn't be able to read that! That was amazing!