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Swan Oyster Depot

49 places in San Francisco that you might have missed

From NightLife at the Academy to free walking tours to Japantown and beyond, 49 spots in San Francisco that are new, newly transformed or underappreciated.


Cable cars are one of the many features that make San Francisco, California one of the most photogenic cities in the United States.

Street Symmetry, San Francisco, California (via vanessa)  Original [x]

Funny pictures about San Francisco photographed by Phil McGrew. Oh, and cool pics about San Francisco photographed by Phil McGrew. Also, San Francisco photographed by Phil McGrew.

San Francisco, California

California Street Cable Car, San Francisco ,CA Being able to do the one arm hang from a crowded cable car was one of the delights of my life! - Best Cable Car Photos in San Francisco


Nob Hill, San Francisco Looking west up California Street, Nob Hill district, San Francisco Image Credit : Dave Glass

Dawn will soon be breaking,  The day has just begun.  You put your arms around me  Like a circle 'round the sun.  Dance across the seasons  To a place that no one knows  Where angels fear to tread...  You Keep on Moving - Deep Purple

~~Flying Into the Fog ~ Seagull, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California by Leasha Hooker~~

San Francisco, California, United States - tell me this is not the most beautiful place in the world.

I love this image of a historic cable car trundling down California Street at sunset in San Francisco. It's touristy but one of the things i love to do when i am there as you see so much of the city i (Favorite Places Dreams)

California Street in San Francisco

California Street in San Francisco / photo by Chris Chabot.the first time i drove in san francisco was quite nerve qracking but the city is one of the most interesting ive ever visited, immensely diverse.