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Rich Murnane's Blog: 50+ Things Every Data Geek Should Do Before They Die...

Dilbert’s 20 funniest cartoons on Big Data

Dilbert: Data Please...

Dilbert: Data Please.

Cartoon: What Chance Does Data Have? | Business Analytics

You may have data , Smithers, but I have strong opinions, and I pay your salary

#DataGeek & The Refunded Record

& The Refunded Record

DataGeek & the falling data...

DataGeek is pondering the effects of troublesome data today, particularly what should be done if nobody knows about issues?

#DataGeek & the #BigData Dance

#DataGeek & the #BigData Dance

DataGeek & The Travel Data...

DataGeek's been assigned to a different department today, the travel data department. He's heard some things about travel data, I wonder if.

DataGeek helps data model...

DataGeek faces a surprise today from his software engineer friends. Software engineers and project ma.