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The winner of best cosplay goes to

The winner of best cosplay goes to

Best Halloween Costumes- Mrs Nesbit version of the mentally and physically broken Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story

Like...men over 40 with kids who are still "clubbing"...seriously? grow up please

Funny Apology Ecard: I'm sorry but I am NOT BORING. I just decided it was time to stop boozing, partying, flirting and dancing.it's called being a Responsible Adult.

cos b for those who are rusty on their trig identities:)

Sin(a+b) ------------- = Cos(a)Xcos(b) Tan(a)+Tan(b) In word form. Sin(a+b) divided by Tan(a)+tan(b) equals Cos(a) times Cos(b)

Funniest Humor quotes and Jokes Top 50 quotes Collection

Funniest Humor quotes and Jokes Top 50 quotes Collection

Exactly how I feel when the family gets together and they're all talking in Spanish and I'm just sitting there. while they're all laughing. Oh yeah that was so hilarious. Well I would laugh, IF I KNEW WHAT WAS SO FUNNY!

My gingy tattoos legs were cut off from the print out I took to the shop so this is perfect for him hahah

Funny pictures about Veteran Gingerbread Man. Oh, and cool pics about Veteran Gingerbread Man. Also, Veteran Gingerbread Man photos.

Different languages of memes. Love how the Germans have the angry face and all caps.

Different languages.

The best scene. #DespicableMe

The best scene.

Probably my favorite scene (and I do not make that remark lightly! It's so hard to find a favorite scene in Despicable Me because they're all so awesome :)