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#Excogitare -A single Matrox M9188 graphics card drives a six-monitor Digital Art Board in Tokyo Midtown.

Dentsu uses the Matrox multi-display graphics card to drive a six-monitor, portrait-oriented digital signage installation in Tokyo Midtown.

#Excogitare- with Christie and your fantasy we can make everything!!!Digital signage video wall matrix

Digital walls with dynamic images, videos, web apps and news are getting more and more popular, especially among our younger customers.

Happiness is in front of your eyes / spiraldelight

Translation: 1 Happiness is right in front of I will take my own path, 4 we shall meet, when we meet.

Social Soul - TED 2014. Social Soul is an immersive digital experience inspired by the question: how does it feel to be inside someone else'...

Social Soul is an "immersive digital experience" from experiential marketing agency MKG designed by artists Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald that uploads

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67 Innovative Projectors - With innovative projectors and projections like these, the future looks awesome, my friends. Imagine whipping out a pen-sized device and casting a .