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"I'm a vampire. I'm running slow for you." Simon and Clary - Shadowhunters 2x01 "The Guilty Blood"

I Love My Country and Care Deeply about Our Values, Decency and Human Rights....Therefore I AM AGAINST TRUMP AND HIS BIGOTED REGIME. I'm one of 65,844,610 Million "TRUE AMERICANS!!"

He was so pleased that he remembered with John's help though but it is still progress

Love this mini skirt! has similar pieces & styles! Check it out xoxo

Never let that bright smiles and laughs fools you that he is okay with everything ;(

Sherlock and his dramatic, I found it really fun that 1. They are not in a group chat. And 2. That Marry gets the confusing text while John is come here...

Now that's really interesting. Have to try morphine first and decide

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