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Wow! 65-year-old mother may be oldest woman ever to give birth to quadruplets

Scumbag of the Year Award Nominees- I nominate the Judge, the Kid, his parents, and the attorneys. Kid on the right stole beer, got drunk and killed the four people on the left. His parents' defense attorneys successfully argued that because he has been wealthy his whole life, he never learned that he couldn't always get his way. He got off only with probation. Turns out if you are born rich you have an illness called "Affluenza" that allows you to get away with murder, legally.

Found this image on Flickr through the CARF page, Children At Risk Foundation. It made an impact on me, maybe because of the power of love over death, of they way children struggle, just not quite sure. I live a life I don't deserve when I think of how some children live. This rat is dead, but the child loves it. Oh....the humanity of it.

The lovely Carol Burnett greets the enthusiastic crowd gathered at the Kennedy Center to celebrate her Mark Twain Prize honor. (Photo: Scott Suchman)

Epidemic: Guns kill twice as many kids as cancer does

Guns kill twice as many children and young people as cancer, five times more than heart disease and 15 times more than infection.~USA Today

40 years since this classic picture of the Viet Nam War was taken. The little girl then, the woman now.

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An 82-Year-Old Man Was Arrested For Allegedly Slashing An Elderly Woman's Tires Over Bingo …

Extraordinary Women Of History You Need To Know Now

Fe del Mundo, Harvard Medical School's first female student , was admitted because she was brilliant...and because they didn't realize she was a woman. Del Mundo founded the first pediatric hospital in the Philippines. She attended nine years before enrollment was opened to women.