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Your heart is very, very wise. Let us just say that your heart has waited patiently throughout your entire lifetime for you to begin to earnestly listen to what it can tell you. Let us also assure you that never, ever will it mislead you. But the "trick" if there is one, is that you need to listen. By that we mean: do not discount, ignore, or reason away what you feel --AA Michael via Ron Head

Students add the numbers called during bingo instead of covering a card they write it somewhere on their board and add them when there is a number in each column.

How cute would this be in my daughters room hanging over her bed with with tulle draped over it. It would double as the canopy and reading light. practical-crafts I love this..

How to isolate one hoop around the other when hooping with Twins. There is a bit of Twin theory in here as well. Shannon, this one's for you.

10 Hula Hoop Inspired Artists

As a graphic designer by trade I am always stumbling across great hula hoop inspired art and would love to share some of my findings with my hoop family. Maybe