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The inner Scorpio

Definitely a trust fanatic! Understand my emotions, though, so don't waste time on that. Not afraid to fail at most things, but don't like failed relationships. Definitely feel like a solitary warrior.

My sign

The Scorpio is a hard to understand sign. I'm difficult what can I say.this is so true it hurts


Scorpio ~ mess with my family and I'll rip off your head and spit down your neck

Most of my friends think I'm nice, and friendly. Well... They CLEARLY haven't gotten me mad... YET @Sagine_1992 Sagine☀️

Most of my friends think I'm nice, and friendly. They CLEARLY haven't gotten me mad. YET<<o my irl friends havent really seen me mad but my internet besties have, and they know not to get me mad lol️

My sign

Scorpios are good at loving from a distance, Just because they don't call or check in everyday doesn't mean they don't care or are not thinking of you

I need to make a cross stitch pattern!

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