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Where to eat and drink in Havana, Cuba... and what to order!

Where to Eat and Drink in Havana, Cuba + Cuban Food to Prder

If you're wondering where to eat and drink in Havana, Cuba, you can count on us to steer you to the right places! Check out these fine restaurants.

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Most of the neoclassical buildings in the historic city center of Cienfuegos remain unharmed by human touch, but because of the city’s location on the bay, several of the structures have been damaged by hurricanes. While renovations occur after a natural disaster, the city center is still considered to be the best example of 19th-century urban-planning principles used by the Spanish. The streets are designed to be straight and symmetric, with monumental buildings lining them on each side…

Cuba's World Heritage Sites : Cuba : TravelChannel.com

Mapa del Paseo del Prado en la Habana y los lugares de interés a su alrededor

Mapa del Paseo del Prado en la Habana y los lugares de interés a su alrededor

Una calle de La Habana Vieja, Cuba, llena con historia y cultura. Me gustaría ir allí y encontrar a mí mismo. Se ve hermoso. Congestionada pero bonito.

Lovely side street in Old Havana, Cuba - Yup, I can see myself there writing away.

Paseo del Prado Havana Cuba

Colonial Habana Susi y Kike: ¿Dónde desfilará Chanel en La Habana?