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"If bourbon tastes like adult fun, tequila tastes like legal troubles." Unless it's served like this.

FROM WHISKEY TO OAXACA // EXPLORING TEQUILA & MEZCAL By Amanda Schuster Whisky is a beautiful thing but there are other products just as lovely to sip on. By now youve probably noticed some changes to the Distiller app with the recent introduction of sugarcane brandy and agave reviews added to our vast whisky database. Many of you are omni-spiritual and enjoy the cornucopia of offerings among these product ranges. However there may be a few of you who are seasoned whisky drinkers and have…

What better to wash down your gelatinous lumps of tuna than a nice chilled cup of rotten mice? What better indeed. The Baby Mice Wine is quite popular in China and Korea as a traditional health tonic. Apparently tasting like raw gasoline, it is believed to cure anything from asthma to liver diseases. Little mice, eyes still closed, only a few days old, are plucked from their little mother's womb. Well it gets even worse for them when they are dropped in a bottle of rice wine, still alive…

Try the Mexican version of the classic Old Fashioned at China Poblano. The Oaxacan Old Fashioned mixes tequila with mezcal to create a delicious riff on the classic #cocktai

Tequila Lime Carnitas Taco Bites | Slow-cooked pork, infused with tequila, lime, and spices, then stuffed in to a two bite taco shell. A great snack for the big game!

Generously basted with a unique pear- and tequila-infused sauce, these hefty chunks of pork are cooked on the grill until just tender.

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