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Just do it for no reason, this will make you happy every time you open a board!!!

Just pin it. It& not any special potato but, poor of it ;

I think I will randomly place these in public parks just to make (and watch) people laugh

Turn me over. You Just Tooks Orders From a Rock

Rock Art for the Garden: Turn Me Over / You Just Took Orders From a Rock.

lol america loves pancakes as mush as canada does i'm canadian and i love pancakes

17 Important Conspiracy Theories We Need To Be Paying Attention To

Hidden Pancakes in a 5 Dollar Bill. I'm a moron xD Hidden Pancakes in a 5 Dollar Bill TMT twi I was about to try that too I'm moron xD

30 Funny Pictures for Today  If You'd like, click the link to see more like this: http://dummiesoftheyear.com/30-funny-pictures-for-today-7/

30 Funny Pictures for Today

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 34 Pics《I'm not sure why I laughed so hard at this!

If do this and then get so freaking upset that I ruined my eraser

35 Random Pictures for Today

Funny pictures about A Little Distraction For When The Class Got Boring. Oh, and cool pics about A Little Distraction For When The Class Got Boring. Also, A Little Distraction For When The Class Got Boring photos.

Another Pinner wrote: "I talked my kids into trying this...and I wet my pants at the looks on their faces when it worked."

How To Turn Your Mouth Into An iPod Speaker

Put headphones into nostrils + open mouth = instant speakers. This is so weird but cool!

Duh ppl y'all just don't think right  he is not floating he made a fake shadow with water  stupid ppl

Floating Man Or Optical Illusion? (PICTURE)

How to float. Pour some water. Step away from water. Take a photo. kid will love this. No photo shop! (the puddle of water makes a shadow kinda deal!

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37 Funny Puns That Are So Bad They're Simply Hilarious

Funny Puns used to be the most annoying things. Everyone would roll their eyes when they heard a funny pun. They were about as bad as dad jokes.