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{Identifying & Expressing} Simple and Compound Monkey Sentences

This "monkey" themed game focuses on identifying and expressing simple and compound sentences. Head over to my blog for more details and

These Posters will serve as a visual reminder of how to construct simple sentences, compound sentences, and complex sentences. This packet includes a list of conjunctions, different complex sentence formats, and make the perfect compliment to my Lesson Plan Script for HOW to Teach Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences!***************************************************************************This product is included in the "My Store Galore...and More" mega bundle of my best TPT materials.

Construct 3 words Sentences eg. He is driving (Flashcards, Games, Cut and paste)

This package teaches children how to form sentences using subject pronouns (he, she, it they, I, you, we), verb-to-be (am, is, are) and –ing verbs (singing, driving, reading, etc.) The student will be able to learn how to make simple sentences, such as 'He is sleeping'.

This packet includes 16 sentences about candy corn. You can use the task cards in word work centers. Ideas for use include: sort facts/opinions, identify parts of speech, identify subject/predicate, organize sentences in to an informational essay, combine sentences to create compound or compound/complex sentences, etc.

Spring Speech Vocabulary Games: St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Spring

$ Need a simple, quick-play activity for St Patrick's Day? Open-ended or use with included questions. This is one of three games in the pack. You'll find Easter and Spring games too!

Expanding Sentences - From Simple to Expanded

Expanding Sentences - From Simple to Expanded This product was created for students to add details to their simple sentences. There are posters and a variety