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Twinsies they are too hot :) love them so much (Narry)

Doesn't matter who you are we all know one direction <3

im irish so i say wonder action people think im kinda weird though im also american i live in america so im not like total irish u knoow?<<<uh, I live in america and say it the Aussie way? But I'm American?

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Harry is going to be that dad who tries to be cool and makes really bad jokes in front of his kids and their friends and his kids are like "dad go away you aren't funny!" >> "moooomm, dad is trying to make jokes again!

One Direction funny. I laughed so hard i cried!

Haha, I dislike one direction but this is great. However we and my friend are like this. I'm Harry. I really don't care if people touch me, but she will bite your head off.

1D photoshop funny - Google Search. And Zayns face

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Liam was scared. Zayn and Louis laughing of Liam Then we see Niall trying to kill the bug and if we see the video we can see that Niall shout. "It was an alien" they are so .

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We will always be waiting for our boys💙💙💙.

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Louis One Direction Fun Facts

*siiiiigh* My dad steals food off my plate, so I'm cool with it...

You could steal food off my plate Harry. DON'T TOUCH MY FOOD." But with you Harry, I won't even eat, I'll just give you the whole thing and stare at you.

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It was soooo funny when he was late "What have we won?

Oh gosh yes. Featuring every directioner hurt and one direction lol.

That would be too much for my heart. But I love the song really Zayn Sound amazing and taylor too.