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“If you are a married woman, you usually follow what the man wants to do. I can do whatever what I want,” she says. “I’m not getting married again. But I like companions. The most important for me is honesty, good humor — not necessarily a millionaire. I don’t need [money]. I prefer to be a baby sitter than a nursemaid. I don’t want to worry about bad knees and bad back.”

There is one issue that is causing many marriages to fall apart. This article discusses what that issue is and provides five tips to prevent it.

Society has women believe they need to be independent with a career and children come later. I believe that getting married and having children in my 20s is the best option. Children in your 30s has too many risk factors that i want to avoid.

Please help I need your advice. girl wants to runaway. Check out the full project I'm Asalamu Alaykum I hope this post finds you in great health. I need some advice from you inshallah.I met someone on a matrimonial website but I told my parents I met him on Facebook because I was worried what they would think of me but I'm thinking I should tell them the truth and the reason why I made an account is because I watched a lecture online the homie mufti menk said that it is the females duty to…

They say this is the only way to communicate with you so here goes. You claim to be a spiritual & married woman but you on social media all day talking about love that has nothing to do with your husband. What type of spiritual woman is this? Just because you're educated speak well and look classy doesn't mean a spade is not a spade. Just because you don't act on it don't mean you not a uppity hoe. You ain't no different from the ones that cheat outright. You will do the same thing to him.

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