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Wyoming State Bird | Western Meadowlark

Wyoming recognized the western meadowlark as official state bird in a favorite songbird across the western two-thirds of the continent; bird symbol of 6 states.

meadowLark | Western_Meadowlark_w02-43-144_l

The Sounds of Spring

Eastern Meadowlark can be found at Pancho Villa State Park, which is part of the SW NM Birding Trail (Winter)

meadowlark | Western Meadowlark take-off

fairy-wren: “ western meadowlark (photo by ron dudley) ”

WESTERN MEADOWLARK  © Ganesh Jayaraman, Roseville, California, February 2010, http://www.flickr.com/photos/ganesh_j/4372470966/

Western Meadowlark ~ Singing near Mayfield Pond East of Bend Oregon © Ganesh Jayaraman

State Bird of Wyoming - Western Meadowlark

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Western meadowlark male singing

Western meadowlark male singing