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Explore Central Guyana, Central Essequibo and more!

Hello there! We are Tiffany and Lucas and we have created this blog in hopes to make people happy and spread smiles and laughter. We are also here if anyone needs someone to talk to! I, Tiffany, am 21 and Lucas is 20 and we are here to help the best we...

The World's 15 Most Amazing Waterfalls

Kaieteur Falls, Nicaragua Stay in Central Amercia with 1BB's collection of affordable accommodation here:

Kaieteur Falls, hidden deep in the rainforest on the Potaro River in Kaieteur National Park located in central Guyana, South Africa

This awesome waterfall is situated along with the Potaro River which is in central Guyana.the total height is measured as 251m, and even the water volume is said to be very high unlike regular waterfalls

House in Georgetown, Guyana, painted in the colors of the flag of Guyana. Georgetown is the capital of Guyana, and is nicknamed the 'Garden City of the Caribbean.'

Kaieteur Falls on the Potaro River, in Central Guyana.

Ruby Topaz Hummingbird * Animas that start with R * Animals that start with H * The Ruby-topaz Hummingbirds (Chrysolampis mosquitus) - or simply referred to as "Ruby Topazes" -- occur naturally from southern Panama (the southernmost country of Central America) south through the South American countries of Colombia, Venezuela and the Guyanas to north-eastern and central Brazil and northern Bolivia.