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Giotto di Bondone Kiss of Judas Español: El beso de Judas No. 31 Scenes from the Life of Christ: The Arrest of Christ (Kiss of Judas). fresco 200 × 185 cm × in) Cappella Scrovegni (Arena Chapel), Padova

Adoration of the Magi - Giotto - 1304

Giotto, No. 18 Scenes from the Life of Christ: Adoration of the Magi Fresco, 200 x 185 cm Cappella Scrovegni (Arena Chapel), Padua

Flight in to Egypt - Giotto

GIOTTO di Bondone The Flight into Egypt Fresco North transept, Lower Church, San Francesco, Assisi


Juan Martínez Montañés, The Merciful Christ, Polychrome wood, Cathedral, Ferrara.

The Annunciation by Fra Angelico

The Annunciation of Cortona, Main panel of a retable altarpiece. Tempera on panel. For the Church of Gesù, Cortona; now at the Museo Diocesano, Cortona.

the betrayal, Judas

Jesus Betrayed By Judas. BIBLE SCRIPTURE: Mark "And as soon as he was come, he goeth straightway to him, and saith, Master, master; and kissed him.

Giotto di Bondone, "Scenes from the Life of Christ: 21. Resurrection (Noli me tangere)", 1304-1306, Scrovegni Chapel, Padua

Resurrection (Noli me tangere), Giotto di Bondone, from Scenes from the Life of Christ, 1304 - Scrovegni Chapel, Padua

Giotto ~ Meeting at the Golden Gate (this depicts Joachim and Anna, the Virgin Mary's parents, reuniting after a long time away from one another).

Giotto di Bondone ~ Meeting at the Golden Gate (detail, Saints Joachim and Anna), Cappella degli Scrovegni (Arena Chapel), Padua,