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This piece of etching looks so detailed and in away I would like my work in etching to be as detailed as this but I dont feel I have the skills in etching as of yet to do this

Sydney Long, aquatint, etching - I like his work and knew that I had pinned a couple of prints. Just checked 4 pages of the board and this is not pinned. (I hope I didn't miss it) S

His brain was on overload all the time. A idea would pop in his brain and he had no way to get it out of his head, except by writing. He wrote immediately when it came upon him. Like now, writing on the ceiling of the car at a red light, because there was no paper. He was never like this...What had happened?

Leonid Pasternak - Portrait of son Boris, c. 1917......ummm, I love the old days where your son smoked and you drew it to capture his essence....uh, yeah!

Win Ng: Originally from the book TeaCraft (1975) in which he collaborated with authors Violet and Charles Schafer. I love his illustrated tea cups and after experimenting with the use of line in class, this is a perfect example of not using line to define the hard outline of the tea cups. Using the flowers to define the main shape of the teacup has overcome having to draw harsh outlines first. I would like to possibly reattempt this method of drawing.

kickingshoes: “ deliciousboards: “ Okay we’ll start with this and then just slowly go from here because I have A LOT TO SAY ABOUT JEANS/PANTS like literally I could do thirty of these talking about...