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if a woman talks and no ones listening her name is most likely mom ;

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Celebrate International Women& Day with these motivational quotes from some of the world& most inspirational women.

Thank goodness my book finally arrived, I almost started cleaning the house

Lol, so true!!

Tired of yelling to get your kid's attention? Try these: -use the bathroom -make a phone call -relax on the couch -open a chocolate bar

And making up fake profiles, friend requesting me, stalking my husband's fb page just so you can see mine. ..and I'm the crazy one? ?

Free, Family Ecard: I often walk a fine line between "super fun" mom and "kinda- psychotic-maybe- we-should- call-the-authorities" mom.

To my daughters

Bwahahahahha LOVE it! lol Dear Daughters, Should I ever learn you've been twerking anywhere, at any time, I will learn to do it myself and make sure I chaperon every single dance you ever go to. except that it is spelled "chaperone.

13 Hilariously Funny eCards - My Life and Kids

13 Hilariously Funny eCards

Funny Confession Ecard: If you see me running, call the police.

My mom is my best friend

I didn't get to watch my mom grow old, but this is a beautiful sentiment of love from mother to daughter. Can't wait to see you in the new system mom!

14 Someecards that Perfectly Sum Up Parenting :: YummyMummyClub.ca

14 Someecards that Perfectly Sum Up Parenting

14 Someecards that Perfectly Sum Up Parenting :: YummyMummyClub.ca