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That annoying moment when someone takes something from you and you're not in the mood to play

My friend Dylan did this to me the other day and he gave me a hug telling me sorry.

oh this is killing me!!!!!!!! like when i "accidently" called the boy my friend liked on her phone! XD ;D ;) ;D

So true. I accidently called my crush's house phone yesterday. that was true panic.

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True my sis nd I had a huge argument on this.guess who won.this guy that's right I won actually, they do taste better. it's just a fact.

You guys I seriously haven't laughed this hard in my life. The guy freaking grabs his head and jumps and pulls the his down with him omg I'm dying!!!!!!

pretty much

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Every time

I do this everytime receive a calendar in the mail, and if it's one I'm going to buy, the birth month better have a good picture. It's a deal breaker if it doesn't!

His Sense Of Humor Is Baingan

His Sense Of Humor Is Baingan

I'm definitely not a teenager, but there ya have it! I am iron man. A fact.

Yes I do!

I want to hold hands and waste friday nights with you.my husband, thanks for always being a good person.

Teenage Post

He just sniffs my face then licks my cheeks :)