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A lady had contacted me to build a gun rack for her husbands antique guns a few weeks back as a Christmas present.

GM-M11, 5.56, 5.56mm, finned, m4, 16", 16 inches, 1:7

GM-M11 Finned Barrel in 5.56mm with ext

Finned While looking for barrel options for my next AR build I saw that Green Mountain has some finned ones. Only available in and in and lengths, it’s decently priced considering.

Solar wood dryer...dry in one month, what normally takes 9 months.

Building a Solar Wood Drying Kiln

dry in one month, what normally takes 9 months. Ok, Tim, there may be something beneficial about using the solar system to store wood.

Булерьян своими руками - Построим дом и дачу сами

Ремонтируем сами

Running an fan through the middle to blow air up the pipes would help it radiate out. Bend the pipes around a 55 gallon barrel and make a rocket style insulation around it with sand and plaster. Place some sort of central blower to control speed of air

D.O.G. Simple Approach for Dust Collection Ducting : Projects

Simplifying Dust Collection for Your Woodworking Power Tools Rather than a short radius 90 degree turn, incorporate two 45 degree bends with a section of straight pipe in the middle, which will allow the particles to scream right through the turn.