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This interactive list will help you what to pack

What to pack lists the things to pack in an interactive manner, grouped into different categories.

EveryLodge aggregates flash sales for hotels

EveryLodge is a new website that aggregates the ongoing flash sales of hotel deals from across the web for convenience of the shoppers.

Check solo prices even if you’re traveling in group

Traveling with family or friends can be super fun, but if you travel as a group, you could be paying more for your airfares than you would if you were traveling

How far can I travel on brief layover?

How far can I travel on brief layover?

Flight En Route to LA Makes Emergency Landing After Bird Strike

United Is The First U. Airline To Offer Satellite Wi-Fi Service To Its International Flights

Rentmix lists apartments so you don’t stay in crappy hotel

New website Rentmix makes it easy to find available rentals in the area you're visiting so you can book ahead of time.

Onze passeios para não perder na Cidade do Cabo

Onze passeios para não perder na Cidade do Cabo

Flight Delayed?? Read this blog to know how to kill time when your flight is delayed. For more info flow this blog..http://bit.ly/1JrrTVW

Flight Delayed in High Wycombe? Here’s how to CREATIVELY Kill Time at the Airport!

Travel tips: These are the best and worst times to avoid airline delays.

This is where your Facebook friends have traveled to

Traverie collects all your friends pictures and destinations in one place and helps you find your next destination the natural way.

Southwest is first to offer gate-to-gate wi-fi

The FAA had recently lifted the prohibition on using certain electronic devices during take-off and landing; and Southwest Airlines is the first airline to

Check availability of Machu Picchu passes at Tucan Travel

Obtaining a pass to Machu Picchu can be difficult and checking availability of the 500 passes granted each day can be a task. So ease this out, Tucan Travel has

Mapnificient tells exactly where you can go using public transportation in a given time

You can select a city, enter your address, set an amount of time and Mapnificient will find exactly where you can go using public transportation in that time.

Review: Wombats ‘The Lounge’ hostel, Vienna

One of the best things about this hostel is the location - it's conveniently located at a walk from West Bahnhof (West Station) and about 20 minutes


6 Reasons We're Still Lovin' The Big Easy


Yellow Fever Vaccine April 2015

Yellow Fever Vaccine

The Department of Health has informed South African Society of Travel Medicine (SASTM) of some amendments in its Yellow Fever policy

Call to 40 countries using Skype for a month. Sign-up only today

Our favorite calling service Skype is giving away unlimited free calls in over 40 countries. You must claim this by end of today November