painting with credit cards  Kids squeeze 3 or 4 colors of paint on, then push it around with expired credit card.

Scrape-Painted Valentines

Freeing the Muse, an Online Class - These easy creative self-care techniques to help you creatively express your feelings and release stress.

Mindful Art Studio Classes - learn more about art journaling, cultivating creativity, and using your art as self-care. Online art classes for all levels.

Monkey's Paw II by HerbertW on DeviantArt  wire armature, which I built up with aluminum foil and masking tape. Over that I laid a paper mache skin using tissue paper and white glue. A little gesso was dabbed on with a sponge to add some texture. Next I pushed a broken piece of chicken bone into the stump, and covered it multiple layers of acrylic paint, along with lots of drybrushing.The fur was made from snippets taken from a piece of fake grey fur and stuck on with white glue, which gave…

It started out as a wire armature, which I built up with aluminum foil and masking tape. Over that I laid a paper mache skin usin.

saved & melted crayon art fresh from the oven

We put our broken crayon shavings in the oven... the results were stunning!

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sensory art for kids - happy hooligans - shaving cream and food colour (food art activities)

Melted Crayon Canvases - use acrylic paint on foil covered cardboard, let dry, sprinkle crayon shavings on top, bake at 175*, let harden, and hang as art canvases!

Crayon Shaving Art for Valentine’s Day

Melted crayon art - shave crayons, sprinkle onto cardboard and bake at 175 deg. Take care removing from the oven as the wax may run if tilted.

Wet chalk and black paper.  I need to be better about doing fun things.

Creating Invitations to Play

Painting with wet chalk on black paper. turns the chalk neon and wont rub off! Fun way to do Rainbow Words! - fun, easy/simple, already have supplies (except need more black paper)

easy stained glass painting with waxed paper and a bottle lid - happy hooligans

Stained Glass Painting Project for Kids

stained glass painting - easy stained glass art-actually, paint on wax paper- tips for kids art, but why notfor adults too?


birds on a wire. inspiration for the craft room. i'm thinking black yarn for the wire and cut out paper birds

20 gorgeous kid art projects that are pretty enough to frame! Fun, easy ideas for crafting with kids.

20 kid art projects pretty enough to frame

stained glass painting - happy hooligans - easy stained glass art: Dots of paint on wax paper "swirled" with a jar lid