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The One Show to air 'Rapture Special'

Bizarre Protest?

Press coverage of the government cauliflower mystery. Could it be terroism?

Lolcats explain the Rapture - Part 2

"Feckless" a new fragrance by P Diddy

Promotional poster for a new perfume. Reflecting the increased popularity of fecklessness in popular culture.

Question Time - The Psychic Question

A hot shot panel on BBC One's Question Time tackle the thorny topic of "Should the government cut back funding on the black arts?"

Take That forced to open "complaints department"

Take That described having to open a phoneline to deal with public complaints "profoundly humiliating".

Celebrities uncover their family's futures

Bruce Forsyth learns he will spawn a terrible crime syndicate.

Eastenders episode - "Naff off Back to Psychicland"

Could this Eastenders episode illustrate the growing resentment Britain feels towards the psychic community? Plus, a dog pisses on Alfie's carpet.

Thousands of Mystics told to Piss off

"They didn't see it coming" says government spokesperson.

Sugar says evangelicals are "a right pain in the proverbial"

No room for happy religious sentiment in the workplace.