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asdfghjkllove: If you like psychology facts, quotes, astrology, college tips, disney, mental health posts (posts about how to cope with depression or be happy), then you should follow this blog.

Wow I feel all these like 100 x a day in no order what so ever

when we're truly in a state of gratitude, it's tough to be depressed ... it truly is. for our own health and sake, let us practice gratitude throughout each day.

My poor childhood memories... - The Meta Picture

My poor childhood memories... - The Meta Picture

Life. Ruined. Okay, take this in the context in which it is's supposed to be a funny (heartbreaking) spin on childhood favorites. Although the Rugrats one was kind of sad :/

11 Things That Can Happen To Your Mind & Body If You Don't Socialize For A Long Period Of Time, According To Science

11 Things That Happen When You Don't Socialize