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Yes, I said that.

Yes, I said that.

Harry Potter- Awwwwwwe!!! <3

28 Things That Happened After the Harry Potter Books Ended- Harry, Ron, and Hermione became memorialized in Chocolate Frog cards.

We will find you Josh Hutcherson

one day i shall be an fbi agent. i will find the government database. i will enter in tom hiddleston's photo and find the 7 people who look like him. i will get their adresses. is that stalker-ish? yes, yes it its<< previous pinned said this.

Well said.

"We've all got both light and dark inside us."Full quote by Sirius Black from Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

bahah ... nerdy math humor...

The 32 Nerdiest Jokes Of 2013

Sin(a+b) ------------- = Cos(a)Xcos(b) Tan(a)+Tan(b) In word form. Sin(a+b) divided by Tan(a)+tan(b) equals Cos(a) times Cos(b)

I promptly burst into laughter when I passed this sign while driving, cause this was my exact thought seeing this.

Funny pictures about Be a dad today. Oh, and cool pics about Be a dad today. Also, Be a dad today.

Hahaha @Hayley Demanett this made me think of you

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: 'Your obsession with cats is out of control and I can't handle it anymore!' 'So, you're kicking meeeowt?

I know, right?  Totally unfair to those men who wear skirts to the toilet, like myself...

I'm so sick of this stereotype suggesting that all women wear superhero capes when they go to the toilet. *Emerson always picks the bathroom with the cape!

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People keep going on about Albus Severus and how Harry should have named his son after Lupin but HE ALREADY HAD A SON NAMED AFTER HIM. Teddy Remus Lupin was a part of the family. < also, he could've wanted teddy to name his son after Remus

Gambit Card Throwing. My friend's dad is a magician and he's always flinging cards at me. NOT ANY MORE COLLIN!!! >:D

Basic technique to throw playing cards

I totally want to kill someone with playing cards! Wow, I think I need a shrink or something.<<<I've killed a man with playing cards once.