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Deadlifts are a feat of strength and can make or break anyone. Having a big deadlift will give you a strong body, back, and a mind of steel. If you want to build your deadlift, check out these tips break.

LOL jaw day anyone? Quit yappin' and workout! #fitness #motivation #gymhumor…

These guy be like I workout for 2 hours at a time, yeah because you spend an hour talking. This applies SO much at our gym lol ♡ Mεchεllε

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I don't understand how someone people actually function in everyday society. Mother ____ I know you feel a breeze on that ass!

this will be me in 30 years

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Funny pictures are great by themselves but sometimes a caption can change the way you look at the photos. Here is a collection of funny pictures with captions that will make you laugh and possibly question your humor!

5/3/1 For Powerlifting, actuallu did this and saw such gain so quickly!

I've been making serious strength gains with for powerlifters - if your goal is strength, grab it from Jim Wendler's site today!

I now know what it feels like to be strong and thanks to Nuu Muu I look good too!                                                      Strong Women

To start with you're just trying to lose weight, inches but then BAM! The fitter stronger feeling in your everyday life hits you and it's AMAZING!