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That settles it! its really hard to listen to music when you are trying to sleep because you start choreograph in your head then get out of bed and do it all night... yeah I can't listen to music when i'm trying to sleep... lol

You know you’re a dancer when you have an uncontrollable urge to choreograph every song on your ipod. I do that all the time LOL

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This will prove to all of my friends just how amazing dance is, from a scientifically proven basis! Although the body & heart already knows! THE MIND, DANCE, AND MUSIC - 101 -

i don't mind if it comes from dance

Its a secret. :) I love the feeling of knowing that i worked so hard my muscles had to pull themselves apart and build themselves back up stronger

Yeah...just noooo

Little Dance Things When non-dancers think they can tap by stomping their feet around.Insert eye roll the most annoying thing on the dance planet! And so many people do it too!

Yep, and doing dance in my head when I should be doing school, eating, and every other time

Certain combinations run through my head and I can't concentrate on anything else because it's always playing in the background. Me the night before recital

Little Dance Things omg I did it the other day and I tried so hard not to smile like an idiot

And then you're just standing there like woah. I did it! And you want to scream and jump because landing with PERFECT balance is hard. Especially because our studio has really slippery floors. And its nearly impossible to do

You know you're a dancer when...#dancer #problems

real_world_ballerina-Long hallway: Must resist urge to tombe pas de bourree glissade saut de chat! Oh this is so funny and so true!>>so true only I jeté at the end instead of a saut de chat!

This is something every dancer should hear.... and something every teacher needs to understand.

"The only dancer you should compare yourself to is the one you used to be!" Don't compare yourself to other dancers! You are an amazing dancer if you think you are no matter what level you are at.