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intimacy and spontaneity are qualities I appreciate the most in photographs. My eyes are too hungry and I am too impatient. Real life is far more surreal ordinary and beautiful than I can imagine. I photograph because I relish trying to capture these moments. Museum People by Jasmin Arneja [4|4] #art #story

If we want we can recognize everything in the world as someones artwork. Modern society has been made by the hand of human beings. I began to take photographs while traveling because I became interested in humanity. I thought I could capture a representation of humanity itself even when there werent any people in the photograph. Full of Null by Mankichi Shinshi [3|4] #photography #documentary

In the Color Cube series which captured Paris and nearby suburbs I was interested in shapes colors and lighting and the desire to be transported elsewhere all of which served as the building blocks for a creative process to take place. The act of accumulating photographs becomes part of a reconstruction process that is essential to recreate a different reality. My appreciation for the art form in general is when a picture is not the end of the narrative but rather the starting point for an…

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Paintings Gallery 4: 15th- and 16th- Century Renaissance Italy, The Altman Collection; With people. Photographed in 1955. Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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