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Bubble Shaped Planetary Nebula Abell 33 In Hydra Constellation Imaged

Bubble Shaped Planetary Nebula Abell 33 In Hydra Constellation Imaged


A really soft and silky looking one. --Pia (Dumbell Nebula-a planetary nebula in the constellation Vulpecula, at a distance of about 1360 light years.

Soooo Wow !!! The Butterfly nebula,  NGC 6302, lies about 4,000 light-years away in the constellation Scorpius.

the butterfly nebula / NGC 6302 / lies about light-years away in the constellation scorpius.

https://www.google.de/search?q=farbe des universums grün

Green Space Bubble This intriguing picture from ESO’s Very Large Telescope shows the glowing green planetary nebula IC 1295 surrounding a dim and dying star. It is located about 3300 light-years away in the constellation of Scutum (The Shield).

NGC also called the Bubble Nebula is a nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia.

This is a real shooting star!  It is only a couple of hundred light years distant.  Mira is moving very fast relative to everything near it, likely because it was ejected from a star | http://exploringuniversecollections.blogspot.com

A real shooting star! Mira (MY-rah) is a star that scientists have studied for 400 years. But NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explvery surprising image of Mira. It showed for the first time that Mira has a long tail of dust and light-years long!

Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy

NASA Releases Eight Stunning Never-Before-Seen Images of the Cosmos

NGC Glowing Gas in the Milky Way A region of glowing gas in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way galaxy, NGC 3576 is located about light years from Earth. Such nebulas present a tableau of the drama of the evolution of massive stars, from the

Colors are fabulous!

The California Nebula It reminds me so much of our Laser Starfield Projectors!

Ghost Nebula

Ghost Nebula: Spooky shadow nebula - Creeping across the king's form - Terrorizing the night.