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Calling all CRAFT lovers, scissor heads & Glitter Queens, Aunty Acid will be announcing something FANTASTIC soon, for all you people out there who like to keep busy making cards, decoupage artworks and lovely crafty things, keep up to date by liking Aunty Acid's Craft Club page and signing up to our mailing list by emaling craftclub@auntyacid.com

I thought I was having a hot flash this morning. Then I realized my LEFT BOOB had fallen into my coffee!

Aunty Acid

True - Nobody owes you a darn thing.so stop your cry-baby whining and get the hell over it!

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Wouldn't it be great if we could put ourselves in the dryer for 10 minutes and come out wrinkle free?

Aunty Acid for 6/26/2017

Ged Backland's random and witty thoughts on everyday life as told by Aunty Acid and her husband Walt in this Web comic

Aunty Acid for 7/25/2017

Aunty Acid for 7/25/2017