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10 Excellent Resources for Combining History, Geography, and Literature

Bring history to life by exploring the tales of people and places with these resources for combining history, geography, and literature.

Homeschooling with Netflix {Health Class}

My series Homeschooling with Netflix continues with part 6, Health Class. We have watched all of these and enjoyed each of them. Eye opening! Chemerical Blending humor and education, this engaging documentary follows the Goodes, a typical... #healthclass #homeschooling #homeschoolingwithnetflix

Exploring the 13 Colonies: Books, Videos, and Movies for Middle School Students

Exploring the 13 Colonies with books and movies - Education Possible Here are some of our favorite books, movies, and videos that middle school students can use when exploring the 13 colonies! Lots of activities and ideas to inspire your tweens/teens and bring American history to life.

This map shows the Scramble for Africa in action when almost all of the European countries were invading, occupying, and claiming parts of Africa during 1881 to 1914. It became a land grab especially after the discovery of valuable resources. (History)

How the potato changed the world and altered the course of history

Blank World History Timeline

Blank World History Timeline - Wow!! This is a 100+ page FREE download that will allow you to make your own timelines for your social studies lessons. Great visual in a special education classroom. What a find. Go to: