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this inspires me so much.. What about a three tier smooth buttercream cake with the ombre pinks like this on the top of each tier- and maybe some white on white delicate scrolling? lovely.

OK, this isn't technically a wedding cake. But it could show up at a wedding, couldn't it? Three-Tier Wedding Cupcakes by Martha Stewart

Rainbow cupcakes.  How to layer your cupcake batter.  Have fun with your cupcake batter!

How to Layer Cupcake Colors--Have fun with your cupcake batter! Look at the cool patterns you can bake just by piping different color batters in the baking cup using a cut disposable bag.

Cupcakes en pingouin

If you are looking for the most adorable penguin themed cupcakes, you should definitely check these out. This is a selection of penguin cupcakes, which were made by different people from all around the globe. I hope you enjoy them.

20 Cupcake Ideas That Will Keep You Nom Nomming!

so there isn't a cookie monster holiday.but maybe there should be.these are just too cute! Cookie Monster Cupcakes ~ link to recipe and instructions on page

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10 Pretty Ways to Decorate Cupcakes

Bride & Groom Cupcakes FA, could you do this? Or make a bride and groom cookie?

Beach Cup Cakes. Great for weeddings

Beach weddings are unlike other types of weddings. You can make it memorable with decorated wedding cupcakes. This pic shows a perfect decoration of wedding cupcakes for beach wedding

Koi Pond Cupcake...quite possibly the most awesome cupcake i have ever seen!!!

Everything is better with Koi, cont'd. "Koi Pond" cupcake (quite possibly the most awesome cupcake i have ever seen!

Steal this great (inexpensive) idea…     Create an ornately decorated cupcake that matches your business branding. I love it!

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