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Elizabeth Hurley denies year-long affair with Bill Clinton

02-05-14 'Elizabeth Hurley had year-long affair with Bill Clinton' after being introduced by her Hollywood actor ex ~ * Hurley has issued a denial calling the claims that she had a relationship with the ex-President 'ludicrously silly' * Comes from a recording of her alleged ex boyfriend Tom Sizemore making the extraordinary claim that he connected the Pres with Hurley * Sizemore was at the W H for a screening of his movie Saving Private Ryan in 1998 WHEN CLINTON ALLEGEDLY ASKED FOR HER…

All 900,135 registered voters in Cuyahoga, Ohio voted in 2012 election. All of them and All voted for Obama!!!!!!!Red flag anyone? The stench is only going to get worse as we uncover more VoterFraud,,,,googled this & found different numbers (236,478 for Obama) but Romney would have won Ohio w/out Cuyahoga County (east Cleveland)......numbers still seem too high for O.....good place for a recount!!!

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Major new regulations in first 3 years---We want LESS government!!!