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Vertical Vinyl: Wall-Mounted Vinyl Turntable    An awesome looking wall mounted record player!

Ion Vertical Turntable is a small wall-mounted turntable. Requires only 4 AA batteries to power up, this turntable is best for those who have space issues. Ion Vertical Turntable features built-in speaker, volume control and a recorder.

Zo'n mooie oude pick up, in het oranje, met eigen boxen. Lang geleden had ik die ook.

Spinnerette Turntable by Crosley Radio & Furniture. Featuring a USB connection compatible with both a PC or Mac + an outlet for your player, this turntable allows you to enjoy your tunes in modern-meets-nostalgic style.

AMG Viella 12 “V12” turntable    Precision engineering and classic design are embodied in the first turntable from AMG (Analog Manufaktur Germany), the Viella 12 or simply, V12. The AMG turntable line was created by a group of audio industry experts to advance the art of vinyl playback

Outstanding Product Design Stunning turntable design by AMG (Analog Manufaktur Germany), called Viella “ “Precision engineering and classic design are embodied in the first turntable from AMG.

common turntable setup. Totes getting a turntable + some records for myself for my 30th bday.  I'm a little late in the vinyl game but better late than never.

Good beginner advice for owning a turntable // common turntable setup // Turntable Lab

It's a beautiful thing.

The Rock and Roll Chemist: Family Records: A Vinyl History Tour of My Youth (Part 1 of

Telefunken Musikus 501 SV Deluxe Portable Record Player (1958)

Telefunken Musikus 501 SV Deluxe Portable Record Player (1958)

Recyclage créatif des vieux vinyles! Voici 17 idées pour vous inspirer…

Vinyl record faces by Angelo Bramanti and Giuseppe Siracusa, Italia.

Record Player Reboot by Siddharth Vanchinathan, via Behance

Minimalist Record Player Reboot, designed by Siddharth Vanchinathan (there we go! Someone mislabeled this as a Crosley hahaha)

Vinyl Fruit Bowls: These are hand-made; each one uses a different record; thus each is unique.

If you are looking for something to do with all those old records…here’s what one designer came up with. A vinyl fruit bowl made of recycled discs. Each one uses a different record; One record is the top and