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4 days to go! Can't wait!! :D :D I'm going tithe midnight show with my friend opening day:):):)

<<< get to see it three days early and I'm literally dying I'm so happy

Do you realize that Harry's never going to live this twerking thing down? Like in 37 years his grandkids will come across the video and be like "grandpa we found a video of you shaking your bum" SERIOUSLY!

LL Cool J weighs in on the Harry twerking situation <<< But why was he acting all weird and awkward? Harry was in the back of him and his ass was no where near his face!

Don't know about you guys but I'm kinda afraid << Yeah... I honestly think the ones that "like" Sophia are just kissing up and trying to get points with Liam... It's not that I don't like her, but she is still too new and I'm not sure yet.. I still respect her, but I'm not shipping them til I get to "know her" better... If you can say that.. :|

This is why I love Liam. U guys are awful! If u hate on Sophia u are hating on Liam, and that's not a true Directioner! :) and Liam, U TELL EM!

Here u go @Victoria Brown Jacobo

Here u go Brown Brown Jacobo


Josh Devine and Niall Horan! Niall loves Barack Obama for some reason! haha another reason we love our Nialler!

Chinny Chin Chins :))) | One Direction

Niall stroked his chinny chin chin last night during Kiss You :)