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The UK trade paperback edition of RIVER OF STARS. A very 'literary' look.

The UK trade paperback edition of RIVER OF STARS. A very 'literary' look.

5x7  Lake Superior Love by poppyandpinecone on Etsy, $12.00

5x7 or 8.5x11 - Lake Superior Love

Another one of my favorite trips was the Lake Superior Circle Tour, which took me and my mom through northern Wisconsin, northern Minnesota, southern Ontario, and the UP of Michigan. The scenery was astounding.

Annabel is beautiful and haunting, it builds tension in all the right places and characters that are each as deeply layered as the next. A perfect example of Newfoundland gothic. #CanadaReads #atlanticgothic


Annabel Book by Kathleen Winter. Serious read about a different life, lifestyle and culture.

The book that would never end. The paperback that I read had 627 pages and the book finally got good at page 400! I'm glad I stuck with it though.

30 "Guilty Pleasure" Books That Are In Fact Awesome

I can't believe it took me so long to start the trilogy! The Hunger Games, Book 1 of the Hunger Games Series By Suzanne Collins. #books

Next week, The Hunger Games movie will be released. This movie is based on the first of three young adult novels written by Suzanne Collins. The Hunger Games, was released in 2008 with the second…

Bringing Up Burns: 26 Books in 2015 - Fun and flexible reading challenge for the #NewYear #books #reading

Bringing Up Burns: 26 Books in 2015 - Fun and flexible reading challenge. Could challenge your students and create a huge graph in classroom to chart progress.

I read this about 3 years ago and loved it. I was also amazed that Ang Lee could make it into a Movie. I would not have thought it possible. I also enjoyed the movie. It took awhile to adjust to the 3 D glasses, but I felt the 3D experience served this movie well.

The cover of Life of Pi, a 2001 novel by Canadian author Yann Martel. Another book cover by my talented brother.

We can visit placed we'd never go otherwise, even to worlds that don't exist.

Each time you open a book and read it, a tree smiles knowing there's life after death. And a book is a magic portal to another dimension.

Need book recommendations? Here are some of the best books, my favorite books that I recommend to you!

My Favorite Books to Read

The Best Books of 2011

The Help, Kathryn Stockett: "And Miss Skeeter asking don’t I want to change things, like changing Jackson, Mississippi, gone be like changing a lightbulb.

30 books to read by the time you're 30 via @bustle.com

30 Books You Should Read Before You Turn 30

8 énigmes de la littérature

Whenever I need a break from reality, I love reading and venturing down the rabbit hole with Alice into Wonderland.

If you haven't read this yet, it'll tide you over until the new JK Rowling.

10 Great Magical Books for Adults

Black cover of the novel with white print which reads "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell A Novel Susanna Clarke". A white silhouette of a raven sits between "Norrell" and "A Novel".