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The Acrylic Captain America Shield Symbol Blue Cardigan for all of your studious Captain America lovers.

Ain't nobody got time for such peasant talk.

The Loki Gifs are perfect because I was thinking of the Thor movie.

Need any help finding your MBTI ask in the comments! INFJ so..... I AM GROOT

Elephant Robot: Marvel® Meets Myers-Briggs® - this one has the official MBTI stamp of approval! - no wonder I like Jean Grey so much!

Black Widow Tee for Women by Mighty Fine | Tees, Tops & Shirts | Women | Disney Store

[Sneaky]Along with Black Widow, you'll feel like the ''world's greatest spy'' while wearing this all-cotton tee where the comfort never catches you by surprise!

Doctor Who TARDIS Costume Hoodie

Doctor Who TARDIS Costume Hoodie

ThinkGeek :: ThinkGeek Exclusive TARDIS Costume Hoodie size S - not bigger on the inside!

Aang's final actions as perfectly representative of the Air Nomads | Avatar: the Last Airbender

Aang's final actions as perfectly representative of the Air Nomads. This show is so deep and I love how he shows mercy even to the villain.

Rolling Stones sweatshirt

Shop Rolling Stones Pop Art Pullover Sweatshirt at Urban Outfitters today.

remera capitan america clasica

remera capitan america clasica