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Michael knew Delancy was telling the truth, she was always sensible and brave in that manner- to tell him everything that he needed to hear in a way that did not bite at his pride, or be little him. He knew Delancy was worried about Annabelle and her effect on his reputation- but the question is, was he?

Richter looked at the scarred creature incredulously, bringing his hand up to lightly touch the sting of his lip where she had struck. "Damn, Romeo," he joked, watching Saphina's eyes dance, "Carlton wasn't lying. You strike like a pro."

He. I'm Daniel. I'm 20 and I'm single. I can be pretty cocky and a flirt, but that's only around a girl I'm interested in. *smirk* come say hi.

“What’s that little smile of yours?” Matthew inquired. “You look as if you’re about to laugh.”

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